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Monthly Music Mondays!

Monthly Music Mondays!


Its been a while since i have actually sat down and written a post. So I thought what better way to come back than making a MONTHLY MUSIC MONDAY. I decided that once a month I will show/ tell you what I am listening to. Music is just so beautiful and personal, I feel that you can really tell what emotion the person is feeling, and you don't necessary have to write the song to have a deeper connection to it. What you feel and what you experience while listening to music is 100% your own.

That being said, I have been listening to A LOT of Sam Smith. When I tell you I am obsessed with this man, I mean it. His music just speaks to my soul and makes me feel all of the emotions at once. Not only is his voice amazingly beautiful but, the lyrics themselves speak millions. The two songs that stood out to me the most this month were Pray and Money on My Mind.

Pray is such a stunning song. For a while now I have been struggling with the idea of religion and God. I have been through some tough times and it has really tested my faith, and the song is just about that, life testing you and making you question everything but, at the end of the day you just pray and hope that everything is going to be alright. 

The second song is Money on My Mind, this is actually one of my all time favorite songs. A lot of people criticize  millennials because we would rather be paid less than be unhappy with our jobs/ lives. I was listening to my mom and her friend talk about this, they were saying how dumb we are because we go through jobs fairly quickly and we don't stay in one place for long. Which is true, we don't and that is because older generations always preached to find a job in something you love that way it won't feel like a job/ chore. I know for a fact my parents engraved that into my head, that is why this song is so special to me. It reminds me to keep striving for what I want in life and to not give up. Life may seem hard in the beginning but, in the end it will be worth all of your effort and hard work. 

This monthly music monday only has two songs, but sometimes I will have a whole playlist of songs. It really just depends on what I am feeling that month. For example, this month I have been doing a lot of self exploration and self- discovery. I also picked this artist this month because I bought tickets to go see him live in June. I am super excited and have been listening to his Spotify artist radio non-stop!

Anyway enough reading, I have attached two links below, if you want to have a quick listen. I promise that you will also have an obsession with Sam Smith just like me!


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